It paginates in English

Regards Penguins of other countries of part mia Jefe2 and Dialga500000 we wish a great happy crismas them in other countries

Thank you very much this year 2010 and a prosperous year 2011

Dialga’s detail and I


They We give a happy Crismas to all

Jefe2 and dialga


Winner of the Prizes Platinum 2010

Welcome pinguinos to the Winner of the drawing of the Penguin Membreship


The Winner is

Mr lighblue

Thank you..
Jefe2 and Dialga50000



Hello Friends extragneros of Other Welcome Countries to the Page in English of Dialga50000:

Hello, penguins!

Many of you already have told us which stamps they are gaining in the Card-jitsu Agua. I gained the stamp ” Watery fall ” to the instant, but ” Gongo! ” It cost enough work to me. Look how I lost in this battle:

Card Jitsu Wather Extampillas

Card Jitsu Wather

And still there are more surprises … the equipment added stamps to the original Card-jitsu and to the Card-jitsu Fuego!

As soon as they have dominated the element It Waters down, go to the Dojo and to the Dojo of Fire to gain the stamps of all the games for ninjas.

What do they look like to them the innovations for the ninjas? Tell us in the comments!

Meanwhile … continue pingüineando!

Luck So


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